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COVID-19 Vaccination Progresses at Brisk Pace in India, Becomes Fastest country in the World to Administer 12 Crore doses

India took only 92 days to administer 12 crore coronavirus vaccinations, the fastest country to do so across the world. Co-Win Dashboard shows that India has administered 12,38,93,986 vaccines in 92 days (As of 19th of April 2021 at 5:21 PM)

As our earlier article pointed, India followed WHO guidelines and prioritised vaccination for healthcare workers and vulnerable population first.

India Among 3 Countries to Administer More than 10 Crore Doses

Only India, China and USA have administered more than 10 crore doses in the world. While India reached 12 crore mark in 92 days, USA is in the second position as it managed to reach the 12-crore mark in 97 days, followed by China, which took 108 days to reach the same target.

This shows the brisk pace at which covid vaccinations are taking place in the country.

Vaccination of Healthcare Workers and Frontline Workers

Healthcare workers have been administered 1.48 crore doses while frontline workers have been administered 1.67 crore doses. Table below provides the break up of the doses administered to healthcare and frontline workers.


SI. No Category 1st Dose 2nd Dose Total Doses
1 Healthcare Workers 0.91 crore 0.57 crore 1.48 crore
2 Frontline Workers 1.12 crore 0.55 crore 1.67 crore
Vaccine Doses by Age

4.94 crore doses of COVID vaccine have been administered to those aged above 60 for whom COVID Vaccinations became available from 1st of March, 2021.

4.15 crore doses have been administered to those between 45 and 60 years of age (vaccinations opened in phases for this age group i.e., those with comorbidities could get vaccinated from 1st of March but those in this age group without comorbidities became eligible from 1st of April.)

SI. No Age Category 1st Dose 2nd Dose Total Doses
1 Above 60 4.55 crore 0.39 crore 4.94 crore
2 Between 45 and 60 4.04 crore 0.11 crore 4.15 crore


69,000 centres are conducting vaccination across the country including 63,000 government hospitals and health centres and 6,000 private health centres.

14.4 Crore Vaccines Delivered by Union Government

Using Government Data, Hindustan Times reported that Union government has delivered 14.4 crore doses to state governments out of which 12.17 crore have been used till now. State government have 1.2 crore vaccines still in their possession and 1 crore more vaccine in the pipeline to be supplied to state government.

Union government also emphatically said that there is no shortage in the country. “The manufacturers are producing to their optimum capacity and supplying to the government. They are also simultaneously ramping up their capacities which will be visible by June.

Even as India is vaccinating its healthcare workers and vulnerable population at breakneck pace, it is also ramping up vaccine production to ensure eventual inclusion of all age groups.