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COVID-19 is Curable – Hear It from the Recovered People

COVID 19 cured world India Modi Mann ki baat trust social distancing

As the world fights COVID-19 pandemic, people are worried about the deadly impact that the disease may have. Several messages in WhatsApp groups are doing the rounds of how deadly the disease really is. However, there is no reason to panic about this. COVID-19 is completely curable with due attention and care given at the right time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also in his recent Mann Ki Baat chose to speak to a person whose family is cured of Covid19 and asked him to spread the positive story through social media platforms. In this background let’s see the instances which tell us that the precaution is necessary but not the panic.

Over One Lakh Patients Globally Have Recovered; Hundred Recoveries in India

World Economic Forum quoted data from John Hopkins University on 24 March to highlight that more than one lakh patients have recovered globally.

Even the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India has reported 100 fully recovered patients who have been discharged.

All these patients have recovered under the supervision of doctors, who have prescribed various combinations of medicines across the world including India.

No Need to Panic, Trust the Government – Say the Recovered Patients

Recovered patients have been talking to the media and highlighting the excellent care they got from the medical and paramedical staff in the designated hospitals. Having fully recovered from COVID-19, they have been urging the people at large to trust the government, citing their own wonderful experiences.

The first COVID-19 patient of Punjab told the Hindustan Times that the people should aggressively follow all government advisories on this issue. He was all praise for all health workers, from doctors to sanitation employees, who took care of him despite being at risk of contracting the disease.

“Positivity, family support and a healthy diet helped me in defeating the virus,” said the man from Khanoor village of Hoshiarpur district, who had come back from Italy when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. “We should all follow the social distancing formula to avoid an Italy-like situation. Though I have recovered, my family and I will stay in isolation at our home as a precaution,” he said.

Reaffirming this statement, the first COVID-19 patient of Delhi allayed fears about isolation cells. Talking to NDTV, the patient was all praise for the facilities at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital where he was treated. “There is no need to be scared. It is just like normal flu. If a healthy person reaches the doctor, our health system is well-equipped, one of the best in the world. Isolation ward is not like a two-by-two cell without sunlight,” he told the media.

Prime Minister Talks to Family That Recovered

In his Mann ki Baat on 29 March 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a chat with various people affected by COVID-19 in one way or the other. One of them was from a family of six people from Agra in Uttar Pradesh where everyone had gotten the disease, and subsequently got cured.

Speaking to Ashok Kapoor, a member of the family, PM Modi learnt how the family contracted the disease Mr. Kapoor’s two sons had gone to Italy to attend a shoe fair along with his son-in-law. Upon their return, their son-in-law who stays in Delhi developed problems, and immediately went to Ram Manohar Lohiya hospital. He was diagnosed for COVID-19 and immediately shifted to Delhi’s Safdurjung Hospial. Meantime, they got a call from the government, asking both the sons to be tested at the Agra District Hospital along with the family members, after which six members of the family got diagnosed – the two sons, Mr. Kapoor, his wife, his son’s wife and my sixteen-year-old grandson. All of them were immediately shifted to Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi by the Agra doctors who provided two ambulances for it for free. After reaching Safdarjung Hospital they were shifted to the ward into separate rooms. Mr. Kapoor and his family stayed there for 14 days, and were full praise for the hospital staff. The family has also after getting cured urging their locality members to practice social distancing and raising awareness on the dos and donts regarding COVID-19.

We at The True Picture through this piece want to reassure our readers to be safe, but not to panic about the disease. Several people across the world across all age groups are recovering. It is timely to heed to the advice of the cured people – practice social distancing, maintain good hygiene and immediately contact authorities if concerns arise.