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How Indians Were Brought Closer to Each Other in 2019

raising aspirational level

A new road to a hamlet, flight to a small town, faster and safer trains to various parts, these all not just mean that a place is connected. Any such connectivity ensures a shift in the livelihood. It paves way for whole lot of economic activities in the region, it gives better access to education and health, a small-town person connected with a big town raises his aspirational level and strives harder and there are endless possibilities.

So, how was 2019 in this aspect?

2019 witnessed enormous improvement in transport infrastructure in India with the re-elected Modi government envisaging to invest Rs 100 lakh crore over next 5 years in this sector.

Continuing on our article on top economic decisions of the government in 2019, here is our article on how transport sector in India has dramatically improved Indian citizen’s ease of living in 2019.

FASTags: Bid Adieu to long Queues

Gone are the days when you have to hunt for change in tollbooths. Now with FASTags, customers can make toll payments directly while the vehicle is in motion using Radio Frequency Identification technology. Already over 1.1 core vehicles have registered with FASTag which has significantly reduced waiting time and congestion at toll booths.

Media reports have said that the toll revenue at National Highways has seen an increase of 15% already. It is evident that the leakage is being addressed in a significant way.

In a very interesting development showing the unintended benefits of Fastag, the Pune Police have been able to recover a stolen Mahindra Scorpio SUV using the FASTag toll deduction alerts and GPS tracking!

Connecting Small Towns: hawai chappal on hawai jahaz

Almost 35 lakh passengers have flown under the UDAN Scheme in 232 routes with 134 of them operationalized in 2019 alone. You can now buy air tickets for as low as Rs 2,500 under UDAN Scheme!

With more and more Tier-II & Tier III Airports and routes being covered under UDAN, more citizens from smaller routes are able to fulfill their wish of affordable and accessible air travel. It also instrumental in opening new economic activities in those towns and raises the aspirational level of that populace.

Faster Safer and a More Luxurious Railways for the Common Man

Railways has had a phenomenal year in 2019 with current fiscal year being declared safest year in its 166-year history recording zero passenger deaths!

Induction of the swanky fully airconditioned semi high-speed Vande Bharat Express (Train 18), First private train Tejas Express, 10 Sewa Trains and Wifi in more than 5,000 railway stations has transformed the face of railways and has made passenger travel like a king.

Jal Marg Vikas- Developing Indian Waterways

Development of Indian waterways got further boost with inauguration of second Multimodal Transport Hub (MMT) on Ganga, Indian waterway being used for transportation of cargo between Bhutan and Bangladesh using Indian transit and staring ferry services between Maldives and Kerala

Read more about 2nd MMT here

Road to Every Home

With 49,000 kms of rural roads being built this year and World Bank itself praising Modi Governments Gram Sadak Yojana for improving mobility, increasing access to economic opportunities, boosting attendance of children in schools and increasing institutional delivery of babies, SADAK got a big push this year connecting every rural household with rest of India.