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Congress Remains Indifferent Towards Farmers

Congress Neglect Farmers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a rally at Churu, Rajasthan brought to light the fact that Rajasthan government has not sent the list of the beneficiary farmers under recently launched PM-Kisan scheme of the Central government. These beneficiaries are to be given Rs. 6000 as direct income support.

Here is what PM Modi said about Congress government of Rajasthan.

Source: Official Narendra Modi Youtube Channel

As soon as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised the Rajasthan government for their anti-farmer attitude, fearing backlash with its hypocrisy on farmers’ issues getting exposed, the Congress government moved into action. According to a report by Business Standard, it uploaded over 1 lakh applications on PM-Kisan portal only after PM Modi’s rally at Churu. The important question that arises here is: what was Congress government waiting for all these weeks? Especially when many other states have sent the names with 1 crore farmers having already got the first instalment of Rs. 2,000 from the Central government under PM-Kisan.

Further, as per the report, a Rajasthan government official has said that until now only 1.27 lakh of applications could be uploaded out of approximately 10 lakh applications received. This happened as other applications couldn’t be verified by the district collectors.

This is not the first time that Congress Party has been seen merely paying lip service to farmer’s issues without any concrete action on the ground. Even earlier, in case of the farm loan waiver that it announced during assembly elections in the state, there were serious lapses in delivering on that promise.

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Not only the farm loan waivers have enraged the farmers, but the longstanding anti-farmer stand of Congress party itself was under question when President Rahul Gandhi also had to face farmer’s protests in his own constituency Amethi.

Here are the snapshots highlighting protests against Mr Gandhi.


The discussion above shows the innately indifferent attitude of Congress Party towards the cause of the farmers. Yet, they don’t seem to learn and keep repeating their mistakes.