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Congress Hypocrisy Over ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ Exposed, Here is How

There has been a great clamor in the Congress eco-system over the movie ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. The eco-system’s main argument is that the movie is propagandist and timed to release just before the 2019 general election. As it is known, the film is based on the book written by Sanjaya Baru way back in April 2014, who worked in the Prime Minister’s Office of Dr Manmohan Singh as PM’s Media Advisor. Surprisingly, the Congress Party is busy accusing that the film is made with an electoral consideration. The Youth Congress had initially demanded a special screening of the film as well.

If one glances through the social media engagements of Congress sympathizers, they tend to argue that most of the films slated to be released in January 2019, such as Uri, Thackeray are all part of political campaign.

Apparently, here comes the hypocrisy of the Congress eco-system. Because earlier when movies were made with a political narrative it was all about freedom of expression and service to the art. The moment when some other film or film-maker takes a political narrative which is not in line with the Congress eco-system, it is termed as an election gimmick and propaganda driven.

Previous Instances

Many films were made on post-Godhra riots which took place in Gujarat in 2002. Many of them were released before crucial elections. In these films, film-makers have apparently tried to weave a narrative that a particular party is ‘monstrous’ and people should fear from them coming to power.


The film was directed by Nandita Das, this film was based on Gujarat riots in 2002 and was released in India on March 20, 2009. It is interesting to note that the 15th Lok Sabha elections took place between April 16, 2009, and May 13, 2009.

Rahul Gandhi personally attended the screening of this film, who the Director of the film Nandita Das felt was a ‘nice guy’.

The same director, later on in the year 2014, was among many other Bollywood celebrities who were signatories to the appeal which asked people to vote against Narendra Modi.


The film was based on 2002 Gujarat riots, evidently blamed state government headed by Narendra Modi at that time for the riots. The film saw its theatrical release in January 2017.

Gujarat Assembly Elections were held later in December 2017.

Final Solution

A documentary based on 2002 Gujarat riots was brought out in February 2004.

Lok Sabha Elections were held between 20 April 2004 and 10 May 2004.

In 2016, the director of this documentary was seen as a part of ‘intolerant India’ debate floated by Anti-Modi groupings.

Udta Punjab

This movie which focused on the drug menace in the state of Punjab released on June 2016.

Punjab Assembly Elections were held in February 2017.

Opposition Congress had made the drug menace issue a prime focus in that elections, specifically targeting the Akali-BJP Government then. Rahul Gandhi had batted for the film at that time.

So, all the above instances clearly expose the hypocrisy of the Congress eco-system which is now busy making hue and cry about the film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ for being too political.