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Is Congress Becoming the Biggest Fake News Factory of India?

Congress Fake News

Even after one of its biggest lie (Rafale) that it was hell-bent on spreading got busted, the Congress Party is leaving no stone unturned in manufacturing more lies, especially as the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 come closer.

In the series, Himachal Congress shared an infographic showing as to how Congress has transformed Amethi (traditional constituency of Gandhi family) in the last 60 years and how Prime Minister Narendra Modi couldn’t develop Varanasi in last 4.5 years.

There are many lies in the infographic above. For one, that the image (marked in red circle) representing the poor conditions of roads belongs to PM Modi’s tenure as an MP from Varanasi.

Here are the Facts:
  • The picture above was actually published in an article on Varanasi by waterandmegacities.org in July 2011, three years before Mr Modi came to power. This came to light when one Twitter user Ankur Singh (@iankursingh) brought this fake information to fore.

  • Another outright lie in the infographic above is that PM Modi couldn’t develop Varanasi in last 4.5 years. In a previous article, The True Picture Team has comprehensively covered as to how Varanasi (Parliamentary constituency of PM Modi) has seen a complete makeover and transformation in last 4.5 years.

The fake news and hate campaign appear to have become an integral part of Congress’ Social Media strategy. On January 22, 2019, Abhishek Mishra, the infamous fake news peddler from Congress IT Cell and in-charge of IT Cell of Madhya Pradesh Congress was reportedly arrested on the charges of hurting the religious sentiments through offensive posts on social media.

Not only Abhishek Mishra, but even the Congress IT cell chief Divya Spandana had been caught spreading fake news about the educational degree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Thus, it is for the country to decide whether they have also noticed the degeneration of grand old party of India into the biggest fake news factory around.