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“India is Nearing 10 Lakh Infections” – Understand How this Line is Designed to Scare and Mislead

10 lakh infections

The Congress has already started citing 10 lakh infections to ask what the government is doing. Soon, you may come across many articles warning you about India heading towards ‘doomsday’ as it marks “million infections”. Congress party, busy propagating that by November infections may reach one crore, is ignoring the fact that all such ‘mathematical models’ have failed so far.

While Covid-19 is a global reality for which the world has not found a concrete solution so far, the numbers in India that the opposition is using to scare people are out of context. Here are the reasons.

Only 3 lakh Plus Active Cases

As on July 16, 2020, the active cases are only 3,31,146. More than 6.1 lakh people have recovered and discharged, which also speaks about better hospital care. So, “10 lakh cases” is the number that the opposition is using to scare people.

From mid-June 2020 after crossing the 50% mark in Recovery Rate, there is a steady increase in the recovered patients accompanied by a decline in the number of active cases. 63.25% of the COVID-19 patients have recovered, so far. Simultaneously, there has been a steady dip in the active cases, from around 45% in mid-June 2020 to around 34.18%, as of now.

Source: PIB

Testing Suits WHO Standards

World Health Organisation (WHO) advisory says that that a country needs 140 tests per day per million population. With the various coordinated efforts made by the Centre and the States/UTs, 22 States/UTs in India are already conducting 140 and more tests per day per million. India’s average is 201, which is above the standards set.

Source: PIB

Saving Lives

As we cited in our previous article, according to  Worldometer , a much-referred dashboard for Coronavirus, Russia is seeing 75 deaths for every 10 lakh population while India’s number for the same is at 16. As on July 10, 2020 numbers of death to 10 lakh population for some prominent countries are as follows: USA- 410, Brazil- 326, Spain -607, UK – 657.

India is effectively saving lives which should matter the most.

So, while several people in the coming days will make noise to score political points by saying number of patients has crossed 10 lakhs in India. These are the facts you should be aware of. You may further read our earlier articles: