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Is There a ‘Fascist’ Tendency Creating an ‘Atmosphere of Fear’?

fascist tendency

In recent political discourse, the word ‘fascists’ has been used with great freedom. Some anti-CAA protestors and the political opposition in their apparent pursuit of fear-mongering have used the word ‘fascist’ too casually. Even in the past, these political forces have used various terms like ‘intolerance’, ‘FoE under threat’ etc to show the government in bad light. While people never bought this propaganda and reelected the Modi government with the stronger mandate, it is found in many recent instances that those who are using such phrases with ease themselves are reflecting intolerant and dictatorial tendencies.

Here we list some of the instances that are against freedom of expression and some are intolerant, hateful measures and wonder why a section of opinion makers are not including them in their ‘fascism’ narrative.

In Maharashtra, where the state government is formed with Congress support along with Shiv Sena and NCP, a professor was sent on leave and is facing an inquiry because he criticized Rahul Gandhi. So much for freedom of expression!

Congress party which is supporting vandalism in university campuses in the name of freedom of expression has this to say about the professor.

The Congress often claims that there is an ‘atmosphere of fear’ among media under the present government. A corporator belonging to Congress party Vikrant Chavan in Maharashtra was caught on camera hitting a woman journalist which begs the question of who really is creating an ‘atmosphere of fear’ and ‘intolerance’.

In Madhya Pradesh, a principal with a government school was suspended a couple of days ago. His ‘crime’? He reportedly distributed notebooks with a photo of Veer Savarkar on their cover! The students took a demonstration demanding revocation of suspension order, but it seems the Congress’s Kamal Nath government has no time to hear democratic voices.

Let’s turn the focus to Communist-ruled Kerala. Here is a doctor complaining that their community is being targeted by Jihadi groups for supporting CAA. Is it not the duty of Kerala government to remove this ‘atmosphere of fear’?

Oh, wait.. what can you expect from a government that overlooked the security of Chief Minister of a neighbouring state when he visited Kerala? CPM cadre had attacked Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa’s convoy in December 2019.

During the anti-CAA protests, a section of media had projected some ‘extremist religious’ voices as the leaders of a ‘democratic’ protest. But when the same Jamia student made a comment against Pinarayi Vijayan’s government in Kerala, the Communist cadre bullied and forced her to retract from the statement. Again, So much for freedom of expression!

These are only few examples, not even older than a month, which show who is actually showing the so-called fascist tendencies in which the rightful opinions of others are being aggressively suppressed.