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Congress at it Again – Kamal Nath Abuses Modi

Kamal Nath

Abiding Prime Minister day in and day out, and threatening him with consequences, is an old habit of the Congress party and its ideological allies. Congress leader and Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath has decided to join the bandwagon by talking in derogatory terms about the Prime Minister.

Addressing a rally in Sagar, Kamal Nath accused the Prime Minister of diverting attention of the public from important issues like farmers and youth by talking about nationalism and Pakistan. “Muh chalaane mein aur desh chalaane mein bahut antar hota hai (there’s a difference between shooting off from the mouth and running a country),” he remarked, amid cheering from the Congress workers.

Congress Party – Habitual Offenders

This isn’t the first time that the Congress and its partners have indulged in name calling of Narendra Modi. Very recently, Rahul Gandhi had addressed a rally in Delhi, saying people will beat Narendra Modi with sticks in another six months if he doesn’t address the issue of unemployment. Last year, Karnataka Congress leader Belur Gopalakrishna was caught asking people to ‘shoot and kill’ Modi. Even Punjab Minister and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu had alleged in an election rally that Narendra Modi was a rashtradohi (traitor) and had reportedly accused him of making money in the Rafale jet deal.

We can only wish speedy recovery to these habitual offenders. Seeing Narendra Modi in power again has clearly had an impact on their faculties.