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Fearmongering, Misleading Claims on Jammu & Kashmir by Congress and Pakistan

Congress and Pakistan

Through his recent tweets, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan accused India of turning Kashmir into state of Nazism. If you are thinking that this has a similarity with another statement earlier, you are right. It had come from Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury of Congress. In earlier instance, Congress had joined Pakistan in building narrative on India’s air strikes against terrorists in Pakistan. In the background of abrogation of Article 370, Congress and Pakistan are increasingly displaying similar thoughts, which of course have no factual basis.

Read our earlier article How is the Situation in Jammu and Kashmir – A Fact Check on Congress’s Claim to know how this claim of Congress is a mere scaremongering.

While the government is ensuring normalcy in J&K with the National Security Advisor himself mingling with the local population reassuring them of their well-being, it seems that the top-most aggrieved parties in this decision are Congress and Pakistan. Pakistan’s frustration can be understood by reading our article Pakistan’s Operation Topac: The Attempted Siege of Kashmir Comes to an End.

But we wonder How History Will Remember Congress on Jammu and Kashmir, considering that the expressions of Pakistan and Congress have such a striking similarities.

The official response of Pakistan and Pakistani media coverage have termed the decision of Indian government as ‘dark day’, ‘forceful act’ etc. The words used by Congress party follows a similar tone. Congress termed the day the resolution adapted as ‘black day’. Ghulam Nabi Azad of Congress said BJP has ‘murdered the Constitution’ with the move. Rahul Gandhi tweeted to term the decision ‘unilateral’, with grave implications for ‘national security’.

P Chidambaram and Imran Khan

According to Imran Khan “India’s actions in Muslim-majority Kashmir were an attempt to change (the) demography of Kashmir through ethnic cleansing”.

P Chidambaram of Congress has reportedly said, “If J&K was a Hindu dominated state, BJP would not have done this. They did it only because the region is dominated by Muslims.”

No wonder that Pakistan wants J&K to be a ‘Muslim issue’. But what makes Congress make such claim on religious lines?

In his address to the nation PM Modi  explained in detail how Article 370 was denying the rightful dues of Safai Karmacharis, women of J&K and the Dalits in the region. But for Congress and Pakistan its all about a Hindu – Muslim issue.

Narrative Which is Legally Wrong

Presenting J&K a ‘Muslim majority’ state suits Pakistan a country created on religious identity. But P Chidambaram and Imran Khan should know these facts:

  • The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir has signed the same ‘instrument of accession’ which the other princely states had signed. There is no distinction of Hindu majority and Muslim majority.
  • The preconditions laid at that time of accession were just these: King of any princely state could join India or Pakistan, provided that there is geographical continuity with the border.
  • In the instrument of accession, there was no provision for anyone to remain independent.
  • There is an instance of King of Amarkot opted for Pakistan though his subjects were overwhelmingly non-Muslims. Soon Pakistan renamed it with Islamic name Umarkot.

In this background, the effort of Pakistan and Congress to present J&K a disputed region because it is a Muslim majority is misleading and malicious.