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India Shows Its Weight: Report Says China No Longer Backing Pakistan on FATF

Pakistan on fatf

It seems that India’s consistent push against Pakistan’s terrorism is yielding results, and even the perceived strong friend of Pakistan can’t really stand with it on every issue. The Indian Express reported that “China and Saudi Arabia are learnt to have joined India, US and European countries to send a stern message to Pakistan to complete its commitments on action against terrorist financing and money laundering given to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) before the plenary session in June, including “conviction and prosecution of top leaders of all terrorist organisations.”

Due to its economic interests in Pakistan and arguably for its geopolitical games, China always remained a major hurdle for India in ensuring complete isolation of Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. However, this reported change of stance on the part of China makes the possibility of Pakistan remaining in the FATF grey list almost certain now. Presently, it is only Turkey that has remained in the list of Pakistan’s friends who is helping them to escape from the grey list of FATF.

It is argued that the informal summit that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had with the Chinese President has had an impact, as the discussion was also focused on combating terrorism on non-discriminatory basis.

India’s Relentless Pursual

The present administration is known for its dogged pursual with the global powers in creating a consensus on fighting terror. Take the instance of listing of Masood Azhar under the United Nations Sanctions Committee. The proposal has been mooted four times. In 2009, India under the UPA Government was the lone proposer. In 2016, India’s proposal was co-sponsored by USA, France and UK. In 2017, USA, UK and France moved the proposal.

Then, back in May 2019 in a major diplomatic and strategic win for India, China has been made to lift its hold on a proposal that stopped United Nations (UN) from declaring Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.