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Congress Chief Minister’s Thank You Letter to PM Modi – Find Out the Lesson It Holds for Rahul Gandhi

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Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has written a thank you letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is not that a Congress Chief Minister expressing gratitude to non-Congress government at the Centre should be seen as a special event. It is the courtesy that often many people in power irrespective of their political leanings do follow. But the issue that the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister thanked PM Modi tells an interesting story that sheds some light on Rahul Gandhi’s brand of politics.

The letter Bhupesh Baghel wrote to PM is to express gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi for determining the rate of ethanol production from surplus rice by the state government at ₹54.87 per litre.

Well, what does this tell us about Rahul Gandhi?

Back in April 2020, when the Centre decided to use surplus rice for the production of sanitizer, which is of course a much-needed commodity during the pandemic, Rahul Gandhi used that to spin a dubious narrative. He said that the Centre is diverting the rice belonging to the poor to ‘make sanitizers for rich people’.

Rahul Gandhi overlooked the fact that the poor are assured adequate ration, and what was diverted was the surplus rice which would have been wasted otherwise. Apparently, his effort was to evoke outrage against the Centre through false allegations and misleading claims. His argument was countered with facts at that time as well. You may refer to our article Why Rahul Gandhi’s Rich vs Poor Argument Over Sanitizer Lacks Sanity- Explained in 5 Points.

Now, none other than a Congress Chief Minister has thanked PM Modi for facilitating the diversion of surplus rice to ethanol production. We wonder, whether Rahul Gandhi now tweets that the ‘rice for poor being diverted to fill the tanks of cars owned by rich people’?

Whatever may be the non-serious claims of Rahul Gandhi, the efforts of the Modi government in the bio-fuel sphere is helping the farmers in many ways.

It is reported that the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Bhupesh Baghel has also acknowledged that the permission to produce ethanol directly from surplus paddy will aid in the economic progress of the farmers of the state.


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