#Viral 4 YEARS OF MODI GOVT. Explained National

What Changed in the 4 Years of Modi Government?

Modi Government

Has the life of common people changed for the better in the last four years? Below is a comparative analysis of various parameters between pre-2014 era to the present time.

Income Tax for taxable income Rs 2.5 lakh – 5 lakh




Then: 10%

Now: 5%

Section 80C Exemption Limit



Then: Rs 1 lakh

Now: Rs 1.5 lakh

Tax on restaurant bill



Then: 13-28%

Now: 5%

Rate of interest on car loans



Then: 10.95% (May 2014)

Now: 8.90% (May 2018)

Rate of interest on personal loans



Then: 14.25% (May 2014)

Now: 9.95%

Data tariff rates



Then: Rs.269 per GB

Now: Rs.19 per GB

Mobile Voice Rates



Then: 51 paise per minute

Now: 17 paise per minute

Accident Insurance Premium



Then: Rs 7.50 per month

Now: Rs 1 per month (Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana)

Life Insurance Premium



Then: Rs 80 per month

Now: Rs 27.50 per month

(Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana)

Average Consumer Price Inflation



Then: 9.8%(2010-11 to 2013-14)

Now: 4.7%(2014-15 to 2017-18)

Food Inflation



Then (Nov 2013): 16.65%

Now (June 2018): 1.73%

Number of indirect taxes



Then : 17

Now : One GST




Then : Fragile Five Group

Now : Fastest Growing Major Economy

Total Sanitation Coverage



Then : 38.70%

Now : 92%

Tax Benefits for Senior Citizens – Health Insurance Deduction



Then : Rs 15,000

Now : Rs 50,000

Paid Maternity Leave



Then : 12 weeks

Now : 26 weeks

Cost of Drug-eluting Stents



Then : Rs 1.98 lakh

Now : Rs 28,849

Cost of Bare Metal Cardiac Stents



Then : Rs. 75,000

Now : Rs. 7,923

Cost of Cobalt Chromium Knee Implant



Then : Rs 1.58 lakh

Now : Rs 54,720

Number of Operational Airports



Then : 75

Now : 100

Speed of Rural Road Construction



Then : 69 km per day (2013-14)

Now : 134 km per day (2017-18)

Number of Villages Without Electricity



Then : 18,452

Now : Zero

Speed of National Highway Construction


Then : 12 kms per day (2013-14)

Now : 27 km per day (2017-18)

Passport Seva Kendras Functional



Then : 77

Now : 305

Number of Common Service Centres



Then : 83,000

Now : 2.7 lakh

National Highway Network Expansion



Then : 92,851 KM

Now : 1,20,543 KM

Optical Fibre Connectivity – Number of Gram Panchayats Connected



Then : 59

Now : 1.19 lakh

Cost of LED bulbs



Then : Rs 310

Now : Rs 70

  • qacp11

    This should be put in some video/slides format and pushed to WhatsApp and Facebook.

  • D.Ramakrishnan

    हस्ति-मशकान्तरम् अस्ति एन् डी ए त‍था यू पी ए सर्वकाराणां इदानीं तदानीं कालयोः व्यत्यासः |

    • Sandeepan Bose

      Difference between now and then for all reasons of nda and upa is like elephant and mosquito.

      Is that what you want to convey Mr Ramakrishna? I

      • D.Ramakrishnan

        Yes, Sir. That’s what my impressions are. The policies adopted by Modi Govt are directly addressed to poor and under-preveleged people, where as the UPA Govt was looking into their own benefits though the schemes were meant for general public.

        • Sandeepan Bose

          In my opinion, Modi does not have particular focus on the under privileged. It is stupid to focus on the poor.

          The differences mentioned above is not poor focussed. It is evenly focussed.

          Economic growth went to a halt before he came to power for the simple reason that there was no growth in demand except for the urban population. Gross Fixed Capital Formation dropped. Credit growth was negative. And the reasons were not because of scam, it was just plain and simple that increasing production was not working as demand was not growing.

          Imagine how many people in India do not have cars yet the auto industry is not growing. Only Maruti is growing. Why? Lack of demand.

          Please check out the reason why Indians are subjected to punitive tax on petrol and diesel below.

          Petrol Prices September 2018

          Not a Modi Fan here. But you need to consider some facts here.

          Crude and Gold are the two biggest bill on India’s import list.

          Refined Products and Gold and Diamond Jewellery are the two biggest items on the Indian Export List.

          That being said a big part of imports of both the items above are consumed internally.

          Buying Gold is useless. Modi tried to wean off this addiction to Gold by introducing the Sovereign Gold Bond, but it is not very popular.

          Now let’s talk crude.

          Petrol and Diesel are essential to economic growth.

          Only 9% of diesel consumed is used by agriculture.

          Rest of petrol and diesel is used in transport industry.

          We have to reduce our import bill. The balance of inflow and outflow of FX in the country was getting evened out by FDI and FPI. This scenario has changed due to Trump’s protectionism and the reversal of QE.

          The regular petrol you buy is a cocktail of 20% ethanol. That is why you never get the promised mileage. Check out premium grade petrol, you will realise the difference. This saves 20% import bill.

          Modi’s push for EV is another effort to help ease the balance of inflow and outflow of FX. Unfortunately the present dependence on imported batteries is expensive and it will further drain FX as it stands.

          Which brings us to the end of this topic and the question remains unanswered as to why does India tax it’s own people on Petrol and Diesel.

          The answer is that if you allow petrol to be sold at free market prices, the selling price will drop drastically and create a huge, huge demand which will double the import bill on crude. So taxation is the only way to control consumption. The other way is rationing petrol and opening a Pandora’s Box of corruption.

          The present Modi rhetoric doing rounds talks about Oil Bonds and other things but does not want to own up the fact that the bitter pill is good for you.

      • max

        Wow. Well translated Mr Bose and well said, Mr Ramakrishnan

  • Satheesh Kumar

    Good information to hit back congis and idiots who don’t understand and who don’t want our country to develop

  • ProgressForIndia

    But what about number of airports, bridges, dams, hospitals, universities, employment schemes named after Nehru-Gandhi monarchy? Why hasn’t that number shown positive growth? It’s the most important metric, after all.

    • Nirupama

      You want everything in 5 years ?? Sensible…are you ?…why do you need dams when other more effective and eco friendly methods of water conservation and harvesting are being worked on…there are enough hospitals….only cost and equipments were required and the government has done a good job in this area… obviously more is required. Kab tak dusron ki naukri karenge aap….dusron Ko naukri dene ki bhi toh yognaye banaiye….gover gover naukri me paise khane ki yojnaye Tyag dijiye.

      • sourabh

        we want what was promised in 5 years. was dat wrong to expect wat was promised ???

        • max

          If it weren’t for the time wasted in fending off the Night Walkers and approaching kritarchy, Modi would have given you all that more. Any one can see how selective and biased the MSM and the Supreme black cloaks have been. Try and get ‘true news ‘and not rely heavily on the well set sources .. Agreed, one may have to walk a new unfamiliar path initially but there’s a feeling of well being . Something which has not been experienced in a long time. The least to do is to open that door and walk in. Wish u luck and joy. Will not regret it. That’s sure. I too woke up late, but not too late.

      • gaurvp

        Dusron ko naukri dene ke liye Paisa chahiye Banks ki formalities itni hai ki poori nahi hoti aap dila dijiye mein 100 logon ko naukri dene chahta hun 5 crores dila dijiye mejherbaani hogi

      • max

        God! That was swift and lethal

  • A. ASHOK

    Very good and useful data. Some more comparative data on power generation, rail lines ,port capacity addition, tax collection, tax filers, Fisacal deficite, Forex, GDP, exports, crime rates, terror attackes,etc may be considered for inclusion,

  • Mohandas

    Can any one refute these figures! But government’s like in Kerala West Bengal and by other parties or most of the press do not even publish these as they want the corrupt government like that of UPA to come back!!! .

  • Samrat Nigam

    Why has Modi Govt not highlighted and marketed these achievements in 4 years?

    • max

      Abs spot on. Same thought comes to many of us. In fact a Dept for broadcasting true good news is required. Depending only on DD etc is futile in these times when empty news makers are being projected by our media. Agreed, Congilefty have made tons of money and paying well the media and other agencies to showcase empty news.
      Times are bad and we need to do that extra bit to ave the country.

      Rafale in 2018 is X-(9%) of 2012

  • Thanks For this great post, we had written this post in bengali language in our site

  • Gopinath Ravilla

    Nice information, which opens the eyes of many dumb people. Slap for opposition.