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Delhi Police is Not Just Up Against Rioters, But Are Fighting a Fake News Epidemic Too

caste aspersion on Delhi Police

As the Delhi Police is busy containing the violent mob at Delhi’s Seelampur in which the rioters in the pretext of protesting against CAA reportedly targeted even school buses, in the social media space a one-sided narrative against the police force was being pushed. On the other hand, in the Seelampur incident, police were seen showing restraint even when being beaten by the violent mob.

Commenting on the role of police in Jamia protests, many have cast aspersions on the police force by indicating that they have allowed non-police persons to handle the students.

While persons like Justice Markandeya Katju, coming from legal background, questioned the presence of plainclothes persons in riot gear among police, some lesser known twitter handles went on to blame that the person in the plainclothes as an RSS functionary.

But the facts are very clear.

  1. The person in question in plainclothes indeed belongs to the police force
  2. While containing riot-like situation, police personnel are permitted to wear informal dress


First, let’s take the claim of a well known person in the public domain, Justice Markandey Katju. This is what he tweeted.

At least Justice Katju just asked a question, although a loaded one. Some others took it to a different level.

Lesser known twitter handles have used this instance of police in plainclothes to take conspiracy theories to another level, claiming that the person wearing the riot-gear is a functionary of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

But Delhi Police have categorically denied such allegations and said that the person is indeed from the police force.

The Print also carried a fact-check on such claims to arrive at a conclusion that the person in the plainclothes belongs to Anti-Auto Theft Squad. Police officers who spoke to the portal have said that the member of special units usually operate in civil clothes which is not an issue at all.

As we showed in our earlier article, Delhi Police are not only fighting the rioters on the street but also a series of misinformation aimed at picturing them as the villains.