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A Video Clip of Piyush Goyal in a BIS Meeting – A Glimpse of Modi Govt’s Workstyle

The words that that Union Minister Piyush Goyal said while taking part virtually in the 3rd Governing Council meeting of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is creating a buzz in social media. It shows a glimpse of the Modi government’s working style where there is evidently no scope for non-serious business and lethargy.

While laying down the specific plans for BIS, at one particular point during the virtual conference, the Union Minister noticed that many members on the board switched off their videos. He said that those who are not interested in the meetings and the one not bringing any ideas to the table should be replaced. He asked the concerned official to recognise all those who remain absent for more than two meetings and replace them with new members. Expressing displeasure over the fact that the BIS governing council had not met after 2019, he asked officials to prepare a calendar specifying the dates of the meetings that are to be conducted in a year and implement it strictly.

Here is a small clip of video that a social media user has shared through twitter.

However, we recommend to go through the larger portion of the video tweeted out by Union Minister Piyush Goyal himself, where he lays down the specific roadmap for BIS to make it an institution to be reckoned internationally.

Roadmap for Achieving the Highest Standards

Here are the key highlights of Piyush Goyal’s roadmap during the meeting of the BIS governing council.

  • There should be `One Nation One Standard’ and Indian Standards should be set as per global benchmarks.
  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given the three mantras for faster economic development i.e.  SPEED, SKILL and SCALE. Now it is time to add the fourth dimension of “STANDARD” in to this.
  • The standard testing fees should also be reduced in the initial years for the MSMEs, Start-Ups and for Women Entrepreneurs. This will encourage them to get their products certified and also encourage ease of doing business.
  • BIS should go in for massive expansion and modernization of testing labs so that entrepreneurs don’t have to travel far to get the testing and certification of standards done. However, while establishing the new labs, instead of spending resources for new set-ups, under utilized government complexes should be used for the purpose.
  • BIS will create a Customer Charter to usher in the highest transparency in its certification process and inspections.
  • The products manufactured in India should be of international standards whether it is manufactured for the local market or for the international market. It should not be diluted to give advantage to any person or institution, whether private or government.

BIS is operating more than 37,000 product certification licenses all over the country. 55 new products have been covered for the first time under the Product Certification Scheme, since 1st April 2020.