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The Might of BrahMos Missile System As Displayed Through Recent Tests

BrahMos missile system

Indian defence sphere has seen a lot of upgradation this year, and among these efforts the developments related to BrahMos cruise missile is noteworthy.

On November 24, Indian Army successfully launched supersonic land attack version of BrahMos missile which can reach the speed of 2.8 times that of sound.

After a day, it is now reported that Indian Airforce also successfully tested the version.

BrahMos missile system that can be fired from surface, sea, and air platforms has been a part of India’s arsenal for a long-time. But what is noteworthy is the constant capability increase and tests being undertaken these days. They are produced by BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture company set up by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Mashinostroyenia of Russia. The name BrahMos comes from amalgamation of the names of Brahmaputra and Moskva rivers.

Navy’s Accomplishment

A month ago, in October 18, a naval version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was successfully test fired. That test ensured the warship’s invincibility by engaging naval surface targets at long ranges, thus making the destroyer another lethal platform for the Indian Navy.

On Air

Back in May 2019, a frontline Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force successfully test fired the supersonic BrahMos version. The air launched BrahMos missile was a 2.5-ton supersonic air to surface cruise missile with ranges of close to 300 km. Earlier, in November 2017, when the IAF test-fired this version, it became the first Air Force in the world to have successfully fired an air launched 2.8 Mach surface attack missile of this category on a sea target.

In 2019, the second test of such kind took place. The integration of the weapon on the aircraft was a very complex process involving mechanical, electrical and software modifications on aircraft.

On October 30, 2020, the media reported said that Sukhoi- 30 fighter jets have conducted a second test fire of BrahMos supersonic missiles on a sea target.

BrahMos Becoming More Aatmanirbhar

On September 30, the BrahMos surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missile, featuring an indigenous Booster and Airframe Section along with many other ‘Made in India’ sub-systems, was successfully flight tested. This has paved the way for serial production of the indigenous booster and other indigenous components of the powerful BrahMos Weapon System, realising Atmanirbhar Bharat pledge.

Suffice to say, testing of every new version comes with increased capacity of the weapon in terms of range and precision. Though there is no official word, media reports often say that India is set to give selected versions of BrahMos missile system to friendly countries that may also help in balancing the geopolitics in the region.