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Congress vs BJP: A Telling Tale of Two Manifestos

In the previous article, we have explained as to how the Congress manifesto doesn’t specify its promises but BJP on the other hand has set clear targets and deadlines. In this story, we bring another aspect of the two manifestos.

We analysed both the manifestos on the burning issues that the country faces today. We found a stark contrast in the position that the two parties have taken on these issues. Here are some of those contrasts for readers to take note.

• Article 370

• Armed Forces

• Article 35 A

• Ram Mandir

• Indian Cultural Protection

• Citizenship Amendment Bill

• National Register of Citizens

• Middle Class

• Naxalism

Based on the analysis, it is not difficult to say that Congress Party seems to be taking a wrong turn and speaking the language of Anti-India forces while BJP has further strengthened its nationalist vision.