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A Birth That is Making the Days of Other People Joyful

birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

It is common for anybody to receive gifts on their birthdays. But in the instances of very few people their life is about gifting others. This act perhaps gives them the joy of living. Perhaps it is the blessings of those who receive joy that steers such people stronger from birthday to birthday. The better way to mark the birthday of present Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to have an idea how many other births he made meaningful by enriching their lives through his actions. Here we look at some examples in which the joys of the beneficiaries of various schemes are evident.

Why She Saw God in the Prime Minister

In an interaction through video conference back in March 2020, a woman from Uttarakhand, a beneficiary of Jan Aushadhi, broke down and emotionally conveyed this to PM Modi- “I haven’t seen the God. But I am seeing God in you.” The reprieve she got for her medicinal needs at Jan Aushadhi Kendra had triggered a strong emotion.

The Warmth Behind These Gifts

On a sunny day in April 2018, Prime Minister received two warm gifts. A pashmina shawl from Veena Devi of Jammu and Kashmir and an herbal tooth powder from Kerala’s Sijesh P. Both are beneficiaries from Prime Minister’s Mudra scheme. Upon receiving a Mudra loan of ₹1 lakh, Veena Devi has become a leading manufacturer of Pashmina shawls in her area.

Sijesh P. from Kannur had worked abroad for eight years. On return to India, he worked as a sales manager in a medical unit. A Mudra Loan of ₹8.55 lakh helped him to set up a unit to produce herbal tooth powder.

A Blessing from the Kitchen

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana has hugely impacted the lives of mothers as it provided them with smoke free life. The time and energy spent on searching for wood and other things for lighting the kitchen fire can now be used for productive works. This ease in the life of women has added colours to the festival they celebrate. In one interaction with PM Narendra Modi, a Ujjwala beneficiary from Jammu and Kashmir said, “This is the month of Ramzan. We read the Holy Quran daily. We are going to pray daily for you and we hope that you continue to serve us as the Prime Minister.”

(PM Modi’s interaction with Ujjwala beneficiaries. Source: PMO India)

Adding Music to Many Lives

Bujlal is a resident of Chhattisgarh’s Badagaon. Blindness was a hindrance in his life, others thought. However, he summoned his fortitude and learnt the skill of performing a musical instrument through his nose. The money generated by performing this art supports his livelihood. The other three members of his family, including his widowed sister-in laws and nephews, stay with him.

How could Bujlal manage his life with all these responsibilities? There is another boon in his life that made it easy. He got a home back in 2016-17 under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The home, with an LPG cylinder, electricity and toilet has brought a major relief in his life. He met PM Narendra Modi in October 2017 to convey his happiness.

Where the Mind is Without Fear and the Head is Held high

Imagine a threatening situation where the husband can say to the wife that he can walk away from the marriage without any consequences to face. That was the reality till a year ago. Many Muslim women were affected by instant triple talaq while the thousands of others made to live under a constant fear. Through legislation, Modi government ended this ordeal in 2019. It is thus natural that gratitude from Muslim women poured in.

These are only some of the glimpse of goodwill earned by Narendra Modi across the section. This is perhaps the reason why opinions of ‘establishment elites’ no longer matters to the popularity of Narendra Modi among masses.