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Best of 2019 – Here Are the Awards

Best of 2019

So, this is the time to reveal ‘Best of 2019’.

As we invited nominations from the readers, we received many suggestions across 20 categories. As announced earlier, winning entry in each category is decided through nominations as well as the judgment of our editorial team on 50:50 basis.

Here is the list of winners.

1. Best Social Media Handle

Winner: @knowthenation


A flood of nominations came through for this category and it was a hard time for the team to take the final call. There were many worthy entries. Finally, ‘Know the Nation’ handle was chosen for its sharp video and infographics contents. The way in which it captured the real face of Anti-CAA protests and brought the plights of refugees at a time when mainstream media overlooked these issues was one of the reasons for its selection. Next, in-line the handle promises to bring voice of people of Delhi as it conducts on-ground survey before assembly elections next year.


Political Kida (Twitter)

OG Saffron (Twitter, Instagram)

Hindu Wisdom (Facebook)

2. Fake News of the Year

Winner:  Supreme Court said PM Modi a thief – a fake news spread by Rahul Gandhi for which he had to apologise in the court.

3. Interview of the Year

Winner: PM Modi in Conversation With Akshay Kumar


The interview was a fresh break in between the heat of elections. There were hidden aspects of PM Modi’s personality that came to the fore. The interview created immense buzz on the social media, especially the bit where PM Modi revealed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sending him kurtas and sweets every year.

4. Touching Moments of the Year

Winner: PM Modi Hugging and Consoling ISRO Chief K. Sivan


As the youth of India is looking at technological accomplishments and are eager to fulfill aspirations in life, this will inspire generations to come. It was the leader of the nation, representing 130 crore Indians, assuring the scientific community to not be disappointed with failures and continue to push the limits of human understanding.

The other moments nominated are equally touching.


A woman in Kolhapur touches the feet of her rescuer.

5. Citizen Initiative of the Year

Winner: Plogging by Ripu Daman


A new wave of voluntarism has come to define our young generation. It was heartening for us to go through various entries of citizens contributing towards cleanliness, awareness campaigns, tree plantation, water conservation and so on. However, in 2019 we saw a unique effort being undertaken to ensure cleanliness around our cities while also taking care of one’s health. Plogging run started by Ripu Daman wedded the idea of fitness with cleanliness. It was a pioneering initiative, which even got appreciation from Prime Minister Modi.

6. Fashion Statement of the Year

Winner: Nusrat Jahan, MP


The young MP was seen donning pant-suits to the Parliament, changing the perception on how politicians usually dress. It was a fashion choice with a bold statement.

7. Intellectual Integrity

Winner: K. K. Muhammed, Archeologist


He stood with the truth in the matter of Ayodhya issue, despite the campaign to discredit him and his pedagogy. The Supreme Court verdict upheld the findings he was part of.


Arif Mohammad

Anand Mahindra

8. Victory of the Year

Winner: Amethi


Smriti Irani’s victory in Amethi is not just an individual win but marked a victory of grassroots politics against dyansty.

9. Headline of the Year

Winner: Nav Bharat Times headline on Balakot strike


10. Sportsperson of the Year

Winner: PV Sindhu

11. Human Rights Moment

Winner- Abrogation of Article 370


The revocation of Article 370 ensured human rights for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The Dalits got reservations, sanitation workers got the right to vote, women became equal citizens, Ladakh got its autonomy and West Pakistan refugees got respect. It is also important mentioning the Citizenship Amendment Act which opened the path for persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to get Indian citizenship. It was an act of compassion.

(Valmiki community celebrating revocation of Article 370. Pic credit- News24)



12. Verdict of The Year

Winner- Ayodhya Verdict


Correcting a historical wrong and settling a civilization issue pending since long, the 5-0 verdict of the Supreme Court gave the entire disputed land for the Ram temple and an alternate 5-acre land to the Muslim party. Entire nation welcomed the judgment in a peaceful manner. No violence was reported and total communal harmony was seen. This makes it the verdict of the year.


Rafale Verdict

13. Instagrammer of the Year

Winner- The Placard Guy (@theplacardguy)


Placard activism is a unique way of communicating with the young crowd on Instagram. The Placard Guy is one such account. His placards have been a source of information and public awareness on important public issues. Standup comedian Kunal Kamra had stood at multiple places holding placards against PM Modi. The Placard Guy garnered fame after he responded with his placard encouraging people to vote for Modi.

14. Intellectual Anarchist of the Year

Winner- Pratap Bhanu Mehta


Intellectual anarchist is the one who uses theoretical and logical means to justify violence and instigate people to take to the streets. His final aim is to create chaos, even if it is clothed in flowery language. Pratap Bhanu Mehta wrote in Indian Express with an outrageous headline questioning the Supreme Court itself. He wrote, “The Supreme Court has badly let us down in recent times, through a combination of avoidance, mendacity, and a lack of zeal on behalf of political liberty.” If this was not enough, he called for struggle on the streets as a way to counter the government. Doesn’t it sound similar to anarchists evoking public anger and violence?

15. International Social Media Person of the Year

Winner- Naila Inayat (@nailainayat)


Naila is a freelance journalist who tweets regularly on Pakistan in her witty style. She has been upright in her criticism on Pakistan, its establishment and the government of PM Imran Khan. She exhibits killer sarcasm and hence has been one of the most talked about accounts on Twitter.

16. Testimony of the Year

Winner- Sunanda Vashisht


The revocation of Article 370 evoked a global response. The legislators in USA sought a discussion on the issue. There was a visible anti-India bias among the people who presented themselves to talk about Kashmir. The sole voice of strength to uphold India’s decision to revoke Article 370 was Sunanda Vashisht. She recounted the horrors of insurgency in 1990, the unjust laws against women and Dalits and why terrorism is the root cause of Kashmir issue. She demolished arguments which called for plebiscite in Kashmir and the allegation that journalists are not being allowed in Kashmir.


Aarti Tikoo Singh

17. Flop Debut of the Year

Winner- Priyanka Gandhi Vadra


After much fanfare of her entry into politics, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra proved to be a lame duck during the General Elections of 2019. After being given the charge of making Congress a force to reckon with in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka failed to put up a good show. Not only Congress won zero seats in eastern Uttar Pradesh, the Congress could only win in its family seat of Rae Bareli. Rahul Gandhi lost in his seat of Amethi.

18. Burnol Moment of the Year

Winner- Telegraph


It needs no description.

19. Bromance of the Year

Winner- Trump and Modi @ Howdy Modi


Howdy Modi event in Houston was truly historic. It will be remembered for the 50000 large crowd that PM Modi addressed. But that’s not enough. The warmth between Modi and Trump caught eyeballs. Both held hands and walked through the entire stadium as a sign of friendship. The event marked a new beginning in Indo-US relations and a new era in diaspora relations.

20. Historic Moment of the Year

Winner- 2019 Lok Sabha Elections


2019 elections were truly landmark. It has many ‘firsts’ to its name. For the first time since 1971 the same person was elected as PM twice with majority in Lok Sabha. It also marked a first for a non-Congress party to claim power for ten consecutive years. BJP emerged as the largest party with a whopping 38% vote share with voting across urban, rural, caste and gender lines. Development became the plank for votes and not narrow political considerations.