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Opposition’s Fearmongering Among Muslims vs Govt’s Track Record

fearmongering among muslims

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev has triggered a positive discussion on social media while answering a media person on the CAA agitation. Questioning why media at large seems to enjoy any controversy over CAA, he asked- “I watched a Muslim woman with tears talking to newsperson asking why they are threatened now even after living here for hundreds of years. What prevented the newsperson to allay her genuine fear by stating a fact that the CAA has nothing to do with anyone living here and applies to minority population in the adjacent Muslim countries? Instead, media seems to be enjoying this misinformed fear.”

These observations from Sadguru kindled a range of discussions on social media, including on the responsibility of media in putting out the correct information for people. Unfortunately, there are some people from the journalistic community who have argued that informing people on CAA is not their job but that of the government.

Nevertheless, as Sadguru puts it, removing unnecessary fears of those Muslims with correct information is in the interest of the nation.

Post-2014 many flagship programmes of the government have changed the life of large number of Indian citizens including the Muslim community.

How can anyone even think that a government that took all the effort to ensure its citizens have a better life will suddenly act against them and strip someone who is leaving here of their citizenship? Apart from those fears on CAA having no factual basis, on an emotional level also, people from the concerned community need to think why a government that delivered them a house, gas cylinder, electricity, toilet and other amenities, would want to take away anything?

Here are some voices they need to hear in a time when the political opponents are trying to reap the dividend by sowing fearmongering among Muslims.

These women from Anantnag district feel that Prime Minister Modi has made their Ramzan season special. Why? Figure it out here as they speak to the Prime Minister.

Pashu Sahabbir Sheikh is a resident of Maharashtra. When their house used to inundate during the rainy season, his mother used to say, “Keep faith in Allah and pray him. One day we will get a good house.” Their prayers are answered now by Prdhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Tamil Nadu’s Sheikh Mohmed also feels that his prayers are answered.

Meet Bashiruddin from Haryana. He drives a truck for livelihood, and met with an accident a couple of years back that caused him several fractures. Feared by the hospital bill he took only the local medicine and the pain persisted. His sufferings came to an end when someone made him to avail the benefit of Ayushman Bharat scheme.

50-year-old Shah Mohammed had also thought that availing treatment in private hospital was a dream that fell outside his range. He also got treatment for his accident injuries thanks to Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana as this report from the Guardian documented.

When it comes to finding livelihood, like every other sections of society, Muslim youths too have benefitted from the government initiatives.

Mohammed Ibrahim Khan from Varanasi has brightened his life by setting up a grocery shop with the help of Mudra loan.

In fact, Modi government’s thrust on Common Service Centres have opened many new opportunities benefitting a huge number of people at the grassroots including Muslims. Hear this from Misba Hashmi, a village level entrepreneur at CSC.

These are only a few among many such examples. The fact is, Muslim community has not been left out of any of the initiatives of the Modi government that aimed at transforming lives and livelihoods.

Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in his column in The Indian Express gave statistics to exhibit that how the Modi govt has ensured development without any discrimination. 33% of all beneficiaries in PM Kisan, 37% in Ujjwala, and 36% of all beneficiaries under Mudra loans belonged to the minority communities of India. Also, 39 cent of the 6 lakh villages electrified by this government were dominated by minoritiess.

It has been reaffirmed time and again that the CAA has nothing to do with Indian citizens. If you juxtapose the facts about CAA and the examples given here, it becomes evident that there is no scope to suspect that this government can do any kind of discrimination based on religious identity.