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The Congress and Maha Milawat: Why the Desperate Peddling of Pakistani Version?

Pakistani version

With our nation ensuring the coming back of wing commander Abhinandan from Pakistan in really quick time, the strong will of the Indian state has been communicated to the world in no uncertain terms. While the country as a whole has stood firmly behind the armed forces and the government of the day, there were some who knowingly or unknowingly seem to be part of PSYOP (Psychological Operations) that Pakistan had been conducting all the while. We have explained this in our article ‘Statesman Imran Khan’ Shows Statesmanship in Edited Video of Indian Pilot. The political opposition in this country has also gone with the Pakistani version even disrespecting the air warrior Abhinandan Varthaman by way of misrepresentation of the pilot’s wife in certain sectons of the media.

The Congress functionaries have put out a fake video to claim that Abhinandan’s wife had asked BJP not to politicize the issue. Then, some in the Congress camp chose to spread the edited video of Indian pilot emanating from Pakistan, which was solely made to insult India. In another instance, the Congress ally and maha milawat proponent, Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has objected to the celebration of the air strikes on Pakistan, saying that it will cause “communal disharmony” in India! Then Digvijaya Singh and Mamata Banerjee have gone a step ahead even doubting whether the airstrikes took place at all or not.

It is time that we become aware of these new lows of Indian politics in which Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party stands tall unfortunately.

Digvijaya Singh of Congress Doubts India’s Airstrikes

It seems that the Congress uses the likes of Digvijay Singh and Mani Shankar Aiyar as some kind of ‘special purpose vehicle’ to make pro-Pakistan statements while the top leadership appears to act smartly saying that it stands with the Indian armed forces and the government. Congress leader Digvijay Singh who had earlier alleged that the Mumbai attack was not sponsored by Pakistan but a conspiracy by Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), now demands the government to release proof for Balakot air strikes. He wrongly claims that the America had released proof after the hunting down of dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan’s Abbottabad some years back. It should be noted that, contrary to the claims of Digvijay Singh, America officially never produced any proof of its operation against Osama Bin Laden. As this New York Times report notes, apart from books and movies on this issue, official details are still classified. Apparently, this is how confident nations conduct themselves with regard to terror crackdown, something which people like Digvijaya fail to understand.

Congress’ Yuva Desh

‘Yuva desh’, the online magazine of Indian Youth Congress had posted a video on its twitter handle falsely featuring wing commander Abhinandan’s wife. Can anyone stoop to any further low than this by presenting some other woman as Abhinandan’s wife while he was still in Pakistan’s custody with his family going through those agonising moments? The lady in the video who has been presented as the Indian pilot’s wife had claimed in her video that “BJP should not politicise the sacrifice of soldiers.” Although ‘Yuva desh’ and many other Congress leaders have retweeted the video, the video has been retracted since. But the digital footprints of their rather shameful acts are available in the public domain. Here is Yuva desh’s tweet accessed from the archives.

Congress Supporter Peddled Pakistan’s Propaganda

Pakistan’s so-called peace gesture was shattered into pieces when they posted an edited video of Indian pilot before him being handed over to India. When there was a severe backlash against the video, Pakistan took it down from its official twitter handles. While Indians largely refrained from sharing the Pakistani video, a Congress supporter not only shared the video but also offered his comment and insulted our air warrior in the process.

So, this Congress supporter said that Abhinandan should not have made that anti-media comment in Pakistan, completely ignoring the circumstances and the pressure under which our air warrior could have been in. When many twitter users questioned why this Congress supporter was pushing the doctored video when he himself had admitted that it was a propaganda video of Pakistan. His bizarre defense was that some part of the video didn’t seem to be edited! How convenient!

Karnataka Chief Minister’s Comment on Air Strikes

Now that you know how a typical Congress supporter behaves, here is how a trusted alliance partner of Congress, Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has reacted to the air strikes. According to him, the celebration over the Indian airstrikes on Pakistan results in “communal disharmony” by causing a divide between two Indian communities. Though Kumaraswamy claims that his comments are only targeted at BJP and the statement was quoted out of context, the words uttered by him raise several questions.

Why does Kumaraswamy think that celebrating the airstrikes, regardless of which party did it, leads to a disharmony between communities? By suggesting that a particular community takes offence when the terror targets were hit by Indian Airforce, is he not disrespecting that community?

This “community narrative” is very much there in the speech video (Kannada) posted on the twitter handle of H D Kumaraswamy also.

Mamata Banerjee Peddles Pakistan’s Propaganda

Mamata Banerjee who pitched herself as the prominent face of maha milawat, not only doubts the airstrikes conducted by the Indian Airforce on Balakot terror camps, but also reportedly directed her party’s cyber wing to translate all those articles raising doubts on the airstrikes into regional languages including Bengali and circulate through WhatsApp and other means.

If at all anyone wants to circulate reports about Indian Air Strikes, there are plenty of reports available such as the one in which JeM’s head Masood Azhar’s brother has confirmed the IAF airstrikes and the damage it had done on terror camps. In another instance, a report based on eye witness account claims that dozens of Jaish terrorists and others belonging to Pakistan’s intelligence and military establishment were dead in the airstrikes.

All the above instances make us ponder: Why are the leaders of Congress and the maha milawat and the people belonging to their eco-system so desperate to peddle the Pakistani version every time?