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Why the Attack on CBI in Bengal is Virtually an Attack on the Highest Court of India

Attack CBI Bengal

On February 03, 2019 (Sunday), the country witnessed an unprecedented attack on India’s premier investigating agency, namely, the CBI, in West Bengal headed by Mamata Banerjee. The CBI officials had gone to the house of Commissioner of Police (CP), Kolkata, in connection with their investigation of Saradha chit fund scam. The attack was launched by the state police of Bengal controlled by Mamata Banerjee when they reportedly detained a team of CBI officials outside the house of Rajeev Kumar.

Why CBI Went to the House of CP, Kolkata

According to a report by India Today, CBI suspects that Rajeev Kumar, the Commissioner of Police of Kolkata, is in possession of a few crucial documents which he had seized during his probe in Saradha scam as the chief of the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

It should be recalled that Supreme Court in its judgement on May 09, 2014 had ordered the CBI to take over the probe into the said scam from SIT as it was unsatisfied by the progress of the SIT probe.

The Apex Court had then reportedly said, “State Police have not yet been able to trace the money trails that clearly had an inter-state as well as possible international links.” The above judgement came even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the charge.

The Probe by CBI
  • Once the CBI took over, it had reportedly asked Rajeev Kumar to submit a few crucial documents which it found missing from the documents given to it by the SIT.
  • A CBI officer had told India Today that since the CBI also doubted that some tampering with the documents had been done collected by the SIT, it wanted to examine all the officers of the SIT including Rajeev Kumar.
  • The CBI repeatedly wrote to the state agencies for their cooperation in the investigation. After repeated letters and summons in connection with Saradha chit fund scam, when Rajeev Kumar didn’t reportedly join the investigation led by CBI, a group of CBI officers reached the residence of Rajeev Kumar on February 03, 2019.
An Attack on CBI Amounts to an Attack on Supreme Court

Therefore, the attack on CBI by the state police of Bengal is a gross violation of law and Supreme Court’s order. This also amounts to interference in supreme court’s delivery of justice to hundreds of poor people who have been fooled in this scam. Furthermore, CBI now apprehends that those crucial documents can be destroyed by the Rajeev Kumar.

Importantly, the West Bengal Chief Minster Mamata Banerjee came out openly to support the officer and tried giving a twist to the entire episode as political vendetta by PM Modi. This is despite the fact that the CBI has been investigating the case even before Narendra Modi became the prime minister and that too on the order of Supreme Court itself. Thus, the recent onslaught on CBI is virtually an attack on the highest court of the land.