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Atal Innovation Mission Towards Building Deep-tech Capacity

Since its inception in 2015, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has been bringing together different measures to assist young minds, encouraging them to adopt the path of innovation. While the Atal Tinkering Labs are a part of AIM wherein young minds are encouraged to be innovative, the Mission works beyond that to strengthen deep-tech capacities in technology and science sphere.

In one such measure, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and NITI Aayog have partnered with MathWorks – developer of mathematical computing software for scientists and engineers.

How does this work?

Startups supported by AIM will get access to state of the art MathWorks tools. These MathWorks tool include MATLAB and Simulink. The company specializes in mathematical computing software which support data analysis and simulation.

Thus, startups supported by AIM will get engineering support, online trainings, access to MATLAB community, and opportunities for developing awareness of the startup products through their domestic and global reach.  The benefits are aim to foster innovation and accelerate product development at these early-stage companies.

The tools developed by MathWorks are used in areas including Smart electronic and engineering designs, manufacturing, electrification, simulation, wireless communications, etc. AIM and MathWorks plan to organize series of knowledge sharing sessions for incubators and startups to train and support them on various relevant topics.

India over the years has proved its mettle in building a vibrant startup ecosystem. The present initiative of NITI Aayog through Atal Innovation Mission will further strengthen the innovation ecosystem and build capacity in the sphere of technical computing, engineering design and AI based innovations.

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