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Why Do These Painful Voices from Delhi Not Melt Its Chief Minister’s Heart?

Let’s take a look at three different instances and explore what they are communicating.

  1. Continuing with the disturbing trend of minority persecution in Pakistan, it is reported that a teenaged Hindu bride was kidnapped and forcefully married-off to a Muslim man.
  2. Speaking on the occasion of Annual National Cadet Corps (NCC) rally, PM Modi once again asserted that Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has addressed a historical injustice and an old promise from India to minority communities in neighbouring Islamic country stands fulfilled. He also highlighted how Hindus and other minority communities in Pakistan are subjected to regular humiliation.
  3. Sharjeel Imam who incited people to cut-off Assam from India was arrested. It is to be noted that Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi from Aam Aadmi Party supported Shaheen Bagh protest and they are also against the CAA that aims to provide a dignified life for all those persecuted minorities fled from three Islamic countries.

When all these points are put in context, questions arise on those who are opposing CAA. These questions are particularly begging an answer from Delhi’s Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, since a considerable number of those persecuted are presently living in Delhi.

Opposing CAA effectively means two things. Either those who are persecuted continue to lead a substandard life here without citizenship, or they need to be sent back to the place they had fled. Do AAP and Arvind Kejriwal want those women who can finally dream of a new, better future to go back to Pakistan and face the same plight of that fateful bride as mentioned in the first instance?

The pains and hopes of people who fled from those Islamic countries in order to escape from rape, torture, forceful conversion, and murder can be well-heard in the national capital, since many of them are living here for many years. What makes the Delhi Chief Minister indifferent about their tragedy?

Delhi Chief Minister Can’t Feel Their Pain?

The Sunday Guardian shed light on 150 Hindu families who are living in the makeshift camps of Delhi’s Manju ka Tila. It quoted a woman Savita Devi saying,

“We are very happy that we have been recognised as Indians today. But now we request the government to help us with houses, water and electricity. We are living in extreme conditions. The children are not being admitted to schools because they don’t have documents.”

By opposing CAA, Mr. Kejriwal has shown rank indifference to their pain.

As this report from ABP News shows, the Hindu Refugees in Delhi are eagerly waiting for CAA procedures to start so that they can lead a dignified life. A baby born after CAA passed in the Parliament is named as ‘Naagrikta’.

How can anyone think about depriving these people from the justice?

CAA Assures These Girls A Fear Free Life, Kejriwal Doesn’t Like This?

Many girls who fled from Pakistan and are now living in Delhi expressed joy and relief on different social media platforms, saying that CAA is assuring them a life that is free from the fear of abduction and forceful conversion.

An article in DailyO also documented their plight by quoting a refugee woman in Delhi, Geeta Devi who said, “The fear of Hindu girls being abducted in Pakistan is so much that we never stepped out alone in that country.”

The question however remains for Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to answer. What allows him to have such an indifferent approach towards all these people who are living in Delhi and waiting for getting an official status of being Indian citizens?