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Anti-India, Hinduphobic and Violent Incidents Surrounding CAA Protests


Since the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, sporadic protests against the Act have erupted in a few places of the country. While several mainstream news media organizations have tried to paint all of these protests as fully secular, non-violent and inclusive, just a peek behind the curtains of these protests reveal their dark underbelly.

In the garb of protecting India’s Constitution, secular principles and democracy, what most of these protests have advocated is a violent philosophy that is extremist, Anti-Indian and Hinduphobic in its tone, tenor and character.

Anti-Indian Incidents: Tukde Tukde Gang 2.0

Contrary to the claims of these protests of saving the ‘soul’ of India, the anti-India rhetoric that has come out of these protests is mind boggling.

The true Anti-Indian face of these protests was exposed to the hilt when Sharjeel Imam at a speech in the infamous ‘Shaheen Bagh’ echoed the Old Pakistani Dream of Cutting-off India’s Chicken’s Neck.

In the same speech he made many other equally outrageous and incendiary statements including insulting Mahatma Gandhi by saying he is the biggest fascist, proclaiming to break the political and federal structure of India and promoting cow slaughter. Read our detailed report on his statements here and here.

Rightfully, he has been charged with sedition and arrested. To no one’s surprise, a few ‘liberals’ have come out in support of Sharjeel’s Anti-national statements.

Such anti-national statements did not begin with Sharjeel Imam nor did it end there. A few days after Sharjeel Imam’s seditious statements, a prominent ‘activist’ called Tapan Bose insulted the Indian Army, saying that the army kills as many people as Pakistani army. He went on to say that the people ruling both India and Pakistan are alike.

On 4th of January, during a protest in Hyderabad, the Indian National flag was desecrated by these so-called secular protestors when they replaced the Ashoka Chakra with the Islamic Shahada which reads “There is no god but the Allah”. How such a desecration of national flag, which is a punishable offence, be allowed in the garb of a secular protest is for the “seculars” to answer.

On 7th of January, a site of protest against CAA in Mumbai also became a site for separatism, when a girl started displaying banner asking for a ‘free Kashmir’.

Several people on social media were rightly outraged at such blatant display of break India actions on display.

Anti-Hindu Incidents: Breaking the Secular Facade

Under the façade of fighting for Indian secularism, many protesters have infact disrespected Hindu symbols and idols just as they disrespected and desecrated Indian national symbols.

This included drawing the Hindu symbol of OM as a Nazi swastika, and writing unparliamentary language to accompany it, as was done in Bengaluru at an Anti-CAA rally.

Instances of portraying Hindu goddesses in Burqas and desecrating Hindu swastika symbol was spotted in ample amount in these protests.

The true ‘Islamist’ face of these protests came to fore when the chants of “La ilaha illallah” (There is no god but the Allah) reverberate at the many of the Anti-CAA protest sites.

Immediately a bunch of liberals who had previously termed “Jai Shri Ram” “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Hey Bhagawan” as communal slogans began terming this Islamic shahada as a secular slogan, exposing their hypocrisy and sinister anti-Hindu agenda.

Violence Against Those Who Disagree

While many mainstream media organisations have tried to portray thee protests as peaceful protests following the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, the true reality has exposed the intention of these protestors.

The violence that these so called protestors caused have been well documented here and here. The massive damage to public property they caused, including attacks on school buses while “democratically and peacefully” protesting, was there for all to see.

While those organizations and persons supporting these protests have been welcomed with open arms, those democratically opposing the protests in a civil manner have been hounded beaten and forced the leave the site of protests.

Journalist Deepak Chaurasia consulting editor at News Nation TV channel was also attacked at Shaheen Bagh and prevented from doing his show there. Chaurasia, posted a video on Twitter, showing him attempting to tell the protestors to share their “pain” against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC), when he and his cameraman got shoved around, while someone tried to snatch his mike.

Journalist Bhupendra Chaubey was doing a show on the Shaheen Bagh protests, when he was also given the same treatment at Jamia University. He and the participants of the TV show were forced to leave the site as the crowd went out of control.

In a show conducted by India Today and moderated by Rahul Kanwal, people who spoke out against the protest and in favor of CAA were heckled, prevented to speak and then pushed off.


As Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had once said on the floor of the Parliament quoting a James Bond dialogue, “If it is once, it’s happenstance, it can happen. If it is twice, it is a coincidence. And if it is thrice, it’s a conspiracy.” As this article chronicles the events, it is clear that the ongoing events are not random events, but are tied together by a covert attempt to masquerade a communal anti-Indian Hinduphobic protests as a secular one. The hand behind these protests is also getting exposed.