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BJP Worker’s Murder in Amethi- Congress Fake News Factory is Very Much Alive!

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Congress party which found no credible issues to fight against the Modi Government, had used lies and fake news in its campaign. Even after tasting an electoral defeat, it seems that Congress has not shut down its fake news machinery. Congress functionaries were caught spreading the fake news over the murder of a BJP worker in Amethi. They claimed that the BJP worker and an aide of Smriti Irani was killed by a BJP worker itself with the UP Police having confirmed the same. This was a lie and UP Police took a strong objection to this wrongful attribution, and initiated an enquiry into it. Now, all those who tweeted the fake news are busy deleting it, but the screenshots are available to establish their act of spreading fake news. It may be remembered here that their top boss had employed the same module recently which then forced him to apologize to the Supreme Court.

This is how UP Police came down sternly on the Congress’s act of spreading fake news, which has forced them to quietly delete the tweets in many cases. Nevertheless, the Police have made it clear that the investigation will go on.

Congress Sevadal unit of Chandigarh that had spread the fake news, got this message from the UP Police.

Here is a media panelist from the grand old party spreading fake news on Twitter. Of course, she is not new to spreading fake news and fake narratives. She is the same person who wrote an article to dub Varanasi among the dirtiest cities in India, a claim which was factually rebutted here.

Here is how a Congress supporter was caught in the act by the UP Police.

Meanwhile, the kabharbar online portal on which the Congress functionaries had based their tweets, has carried the rebuttal of UP Police as a clarification.

As far as the case is concerned, Police have already arrested three suspects who are identified as Ramchandra, Dharamnath, and Naseem, while two persons are absconding. On May 31, the main accused named Wasim also arrested by the police.

So, this episode shows on the one hand that Congress is still employing its fake news machinery to the fullest. On the other hand, it shows UP Police apparently offering a model to curb fake news, which is, not to let off people lightly who are spreading fake news.