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Ajit Pawar Got Clean Chit in Irrigation Scam? Here are the Facts

ajit pawar cleanchit

Today witnessed a fierce debate over a ‘clean chit’ to Ajit Pawar in irragtion scam. Some media outlets have reported that 48 hours after Ajit Pawar was sworn in as the deputy chief minister, nine cases related to the irrigation scam have been closed, indicating that the BJP which is in the power at the Centre might have brought pressure on the agencies to arrive at such decision. It stirred up a debate on social media only to be told by the DG of the Anti-Couuruption Bureau that the recommendations to this effect was made three months ago as the agency had found no evidence substantiate Ajit Pawar’s role in nine cases while the probe on other cases have continued.

The Facts Put Forward by the Officials

This is the clarification given by the DG of ACB to News-18 that majorly broke the story saying Ajit Pawar got ‘clean chit’.

According to other officials, the decision on nine cases taken on the direction of the Bombay High-court.

According to the news agency ANI which spoke to the government officials, the cases that are closed have no direct links to Ajit Pawar. In future, if the new evidence comes to light, these cases also may be reopened.

A few journalists who had said that the cases related to Ajit Pawar closed, have clarified after the new information emerged.

Meanwhile, expectedly the social media handles from Congress and Shiva Sena such as Pawan Khera and Priyanka Chaturvedi quoted the news item stating ‘clean chit’ to Ajit Pawar and took pot-shots at BJP.

But the fact remains that the corruption cases directly related to Ajit Pawar are still pending and his joining hands with the BJP has not brought any changes in the status of the cases.