About us

We know what we know, because we are told it is so.

Perceptions, Opinions, Views and Decisions are best made when based on facts. With a limited source of direct information and limited time to verify the stories we come across every day, we believe what the news bearers tell us. While some of these stories are based on correct information, there are many which are not entirely or sometimes partially so. In the age of Digital Journalism, a news bearer does not even have to get itself registered to begin sharing news.

Where we stand today, getting access to the truth requires making our way through a maze of misdirection, perception building, twisted narratives, half-baked analysis, biased opinions and a lot of other factors. This dilutes the essence of truth in the stories we read.

The True Picture aims at eliminating these deviations and finding out the truth from authentic sources. We are not news bearers, we are a media analysis team that carries out the background research on leading media stories to present the true picture to you. In our section called ‘Trends’, we study and present the pattern of media narrative and content strategy.

Opinions are free, while facts are sacred. With this creed in mind, we have set up a dedicated team for Data stories – the Data Science team will devote time and effort to prepare fact based data stories and present insights and analyses through scientific methods, eliminating subjective biases. Our data stories will cover both quantitative data as well as analyse qualitative trends by using modern natural language processing techniques.

With click bait journalism taking mainstream, there is a huge void in terms of constructive and informative content. Through ‘Visual Vox’, a collection of simplified and visually driven presentation of complex content, we aim at sharing information on various topics in the most comprehensible and interesting way.

Our objective is to make the citizens of India aware of all that they need to know in order to form an opinion based on leading media stories. While media stories focus on the topic/incident/views, we explore the subject and bring you valuable details, facts and figures that will help you understand the stories in a better light.

Oblivion is not a very pleasant state to be in, for a thinking being.
Let us walk out of it together.

If you want us to search for the facts behind any story you have recently come across, please write to us at contact@thetruepicture.in.