About us

Freedom – to opine, to write, to speak and to shape opinion – are at the foundations of healthy public discourse.

Freedom is about variety and diversity. Diversity also means voices of all kinds and hues.

While there’s data-based discourse, there’s also the clickbait style.

While there’s journalism that holds facts sacred, there’s also journalism that holds nothing sacred.

However, freedom also means the freedom, to speak out and put things in the right perspective, to pierce through the fog and bring out The True Picture.

This is what The True Picture has been doing for a long time now. Starting out as a volunteer-driven effort that sought to correct facts as well as to bring out aspects of India’s transformation that outrage cycle-based establishments often fail to highlight, The True Picture has made a name for itself as a voice of clarity, sobriety and fact-based.

If an inspired, volunteer-driven effort can make such an impact, surely, bringing institutional backing to it will help it achieve a lot more.

Hence, BlueKraft Digital Foundation has decided to associate with The True Picture and provide it institutional impetus to do a lot more to add to the diversity of public discourse in a positive way.

India’s astonishing journey needs honest, grounded insights that think for the good of the nation and its transformation. In this regard, BlueKraft Digital Foundation intends to add strength to The True Picture’s voice of reason, reliability and right-thinking.