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You Know About the Green Revolution, Know Why India is Talking About Aahaar Kranti Now

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan has launched Aahaar Kranti, which is aiming to become a people’s movement.

Some quick thoughts may arrive reading this news. India is already a food-grain surplus nation. Green revolution is part of our history. So, what is this Aahaar Kranti about?

Now consider this nugget of information. Studies estimate that India produces as much as twice the amount of calories it consumes. However, many in the country are still malnourished. The root cause of this strange phenomenon is a lack of nutritional awareness.

Here comes the pledge of Aahaar Kranti. A mission dedicated to spreading awareness about nutrition and accessible to all locally available nutritious food, fruits, and vegetables in India.

Vijnana Bharati (Vibha), ‘Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats’ Forum (GIST), Vigyan Prasar, and Pravasi Bharatiya Academic and Scientific Sampark (PRABHASS) have come together to launch the mission “Aahaar Kranti”, with the motto of ‘Uttam Aahaar- Uttam Vichaar’ or `Good Diet-Good Cognition’.

Nutrition in Times of Pandemic

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan pointed out how the present pandemic phase has emphasised the importance of good diet. Launching Aahaar Kranti he said-

“Today when the country is reeling under the onslaught of a pandemic like COVID -19, a balanced diet serves as a special tool to reduce the impact of the pandemic. At such a time, the need to create awareness about the importance of a balanced diet has become more vital than ever before. Indian Ayurveda has been a guide to the entire world. It is time that we used the knowledge to meet the various health and social challenges of today.”

Programme Design

This campaign will seek to promote better awareness, better nutrition, and better agriculture. It is designed to spread the message mainly through curriculum in the form of `what’s and `why’s of nutrition, or through the forms of games or as instructions such as `how to’.

The content of this campaign will be made available both online and offline in all Indian languages besides English and Hindi. The programme will focus on training teachers, who, in turn, will pass on the message to the multitudes of students, and through them to their families and finally the society at large.