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21 Day Lockdown – PM Modi Sounds the Bugle of An All-out War Against Coronavirus

21 days countrywide lockdown

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the nation for second time on the issue of Covid19. He announced a 21 day countrywide lockdown and explained why it is necessary.

Lockdown- the Only Option

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “From 12 O clock midnight the whole nation is under the lockdown. It is to save you and whole of India. Every corner of India every street, every mohalla- will be locked down. It is the stronger version of Janata Curfew. It is the only option to escape from the spread of the virus.

He said, I request with folded hands, “wherever you are, stay there.”

Corona Means…

PM Modi displayed a poster that explained Corona. It said – “Koyi Road par na nikle”


Ro= road par

Na= Na nikle

The Learnings from the World

Prime Minister explained by saying, “You have seen how even the capable countries of the world have grappled by corona virus despite their capabilities. Because the spread of Corona is as such.The study of two month situation shows, and experts also say that the only solution to fight this global epidemic is social distancing.

PM Modi also laid out the dreadful statistics that the WHO and health experts have cited. “It took 67 days to affect 1 lakh but only 11 days another 1 lakh. It takes only 4 days to increase it to 3 lakh.”

“Countries like Italy and US hospital systems were described as capable; despite that they couldn’t contain it without social distancing.”

Importance of 21 Days

PM Modi said, “There is economic fallout which country needs to attend. But at this time it is our duty to save the lives in the first place. It is a 21 day lockdown. Because health experts say that these 21 days are crucial. If we fail in observing strict lockdown for 21 days, we will be set back by 21 years and many families will be ruined.”

“I am saying it as family member not PM. Nothing but staying in home. A Lakshman Rekha drawn outside your house.”

Social Distancing Not Just for Patients

It is wrong to think that social distancing is just for patients. It is for everyone including the Prime Minister. Carelessness of some people will harm the family, society and whole nation.

If we remain careless India needs to pay big. So, the lockdown measures by the state governments should be strictly followed by the citizens.

Pray for the Frontline Fighters

PM motivated the citizens by giving call, “At home, pray for those who are fighting it for you. Doctors and paramedics, ambulance drivers, sanitation workers etc., who are saving lives by their deeds.”

“Think about media people who are giving you correct news. Think about the police force who are going to duty, some time, facing the ire of people as well.”

Steps to Ensure the Essentials

Centre and State governments have taken all the necessary steps to supply essentials that are crucial for living. For poor and daily workers, the respective governments will take all the necessary measures to ensure the basic needs.

Rs 15,000 crore set aside to step up health facilities such as equipment, ventilators etc., Training to medical and para medics has also taken up.

Prime Minister also lauded private sector for participating with government to fight against Corona.

No to Rumours

PM Modi requested people not to yield for rumors and scaremongering at a time the nation is fighting pandemic and urged people to follow the rules laid out by the governments.

He also urged people not to take any medicine for Corona without doctor’s prescription.