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₹20 Lakh Crore Aatma Nirbhar Abhiyaan – PM Modi Pitches For A Self-Reliant India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has answered calls for the much-awaited ‘what is next in Corona fight’ question with the announcement of a massive ₹20,00,000 crore economic package for India which will cover MSME, farmers, industries and all the economic stakeholders. He has also given a clarion call of ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ – a Self-Reliant India which will play an important role in the global supply chain.

The Five Pillars

PM Narendra Modi has explained the edifices of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat in the following manner:

  1. Economy that brings quantum jump not incremental change
  2. Infrastructure that is suited for modern days
  3. System which is technology driven for 21st century India
  4. Demography which is vibrant, and which is the true powerhouse of the Indian democracy
  5. Demand, whereby all stakeholders of the supply chain need to contribute
‘Be Vocal About Local’

PM Modi underscored the importance of creating a local supply chain, as he noted how the whole world has realized the importance of this philosophy during this Corona crisis. He said that the global brands Indians admire today were also local initially, and scaled up only because people supported them and endorsed them to create a brand. With this, PM Modi gave a clarion call, asking people to ‘Be vocal about local’. In this regards, the PM Modi recalled how the people responded to his call and made Khadi a reckoning brand and appealed to the people of India to learn the important takeaways about this spirit to endorse India made goods.

India’s Inspiration to Become Aatma Nirbhar

Prime Minister cited a recent instance of India’s potential and converting adversity into opportunity by recalling how in the intial days of crisis started India had no capacity of PPE production and a namesake production of N95 mask. Cut to the present, India is today producing 2 lakh per day in each of this category he said.

At another point, he also recalled the disastrous earthquake experience of Kutch in 2001. He said “After Kutch earthquake it was felt that the place was dead forever. But it bounced back to life. In the same manner India can arise to become self-reliant while fighting Corona.”

The World Trusts India and Looks Up to It

PM Modi opined that the global opinion is also in favour of India, as they have seen how India has provided essential medicines at a time when the world got hit by the pandemic. PM also gave the historical context, sayings “when India was prosperous it always took care of the world. After the spell of slavery, in the beginning of this century started Indian technologists saved the world from Y2K problem. Now we have instruments to improve supply chain.”

He explained how India’s campaigns on sanitation, TB and Polio have all have influenced the world, and how the International Solar Alliance was India’s contribution to addressing the climate change challenge. India’s drugs have given hope to the world in times of pandemic, and the world understands that India’s ideal is to see the world as one family, thus trusting India and looking at it with hope.

The New Reality

Prime Minister said that in the next stage the action plan is to move forward with wearing mask, maintaining self-distance and taking all precautions. He said that experts all over the world are of the opinion that this disease will live with us for a while longer. However, PM Modi said that India will resolve not to lose to this disease.

PM Modi said that the details of the economic package will be announced by the Finance Minister in coming days, while the exit guidelines will be announced before May 18.

Prime Minister Modi also made a special mention of the people who are laborers and roadside sellers, some of the biggest sufferers. He said that they have shown exemplary courage and sacrifice during the crisis and India together should achieve Aatma Niirbhar Bharat to respect them.